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The  ORIGINAL MOBILE TANNING ..  serving the palm beaches to Stuart since 2004.   My company is unique because we will come to your location (house,  hotel, work) and spray tan you in the privacy of your own home or place of business.
 The key to a great tan is the quality of the solution.   I will guarantee that I will always use a high-quality, FDA approved, all natural solution.
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 Convenient and private, we service Palm Beach to Stuart.
 Upon Request we do have an Organic Dark Tanning Solution.   Feel confident that only the highest quality ingredients will be used on your skin. 
Our solution is non-toxic, FDA approved and loaded with botanical anti-oxidants including Green Coffee Extract + aloe + an intoxicating antioxidant cocktail of fruits and spices.  It neutralizes free radicals, visibly improves complexion, and is very skin friendly.  
We use an airbrush sunless tanning system using an exclusive formula, DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) to bronze the skin with the precision of airbrush application without the damage of cumulative UVA and UVB exposure to the sun. DHA (a sugar cane derivative) has been used in sunless tanners since 1960.    DHA reacts with the amino acids found on the skin's epidermal layer to produce a beautiful, natural tan appearance.  All ingredients have gone through extensive testing and are FDA approved.
The solution creates a rich base tan with one simple application, unlike the two or three applications required with other products. Our delivery system facilitates deeper penetration allowing for a longer, more beautiful lasting result that will last typically 5 - 7 days.
As one of our loyal customers, you probably know us as a manufacturer of the world’s best sunless tanning solutions. After all, Aviva Labs sunless products are chosen by the world’s most prestigious salons, resort spas, and medical and dermatology clinics in over 90 countries worldwide. We are one of only a handful of companies that formulate and manufacture our sunless solutions ourselves, in our own R&D (Research & Development) lab and manufacturing plant. No wonder the top spray tanning salons trust only Aviva Labs on their A-list celebrities and for the major Hollywood award events.
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